Traveling the World in Two Days

The Dunbar Cultural Society held their annual culture fair on March 28-29.

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  • Junior Sarah Fields showcases a toy from the Czech Republic.

  • Sophomore Cate Cunningham signs a student’s passport after she finishes her presentation.

  • Junior Savannah Fisher and Senior Kristen Silvestri dress in traditional Mexican clothing to present their booth.

  • Senior Chris Duncan wears face paint as he poses next the country of New Zealand poster.

  • Dunbar Cultural Society members host a food area introducing visitors to international cuisine.

  • Senior Julia Radhakrishnan strikes a pose during the Tollywood dance performance.

  • People watch as the Chinese Fan dance starts.

  • Senior Kevin Hutchenson, Chris Duncan, and others perform an African intimidation dance.

  • Students join in for the traditional African dance.

  • Sophomore William Ding participates in the Bollywood medley dance along with his fellow peers.