Red, Black and Boom for Homecoming

The 2017 Homecoming Dance was held on Sept. 23 in the Dunbar cafeteria.

From the “prep rally” to door decorations to the football game and dance, homecoming 2017 was a big success. The student council chose the theme “Red, Black and Boom” for this year’s event.



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  • Mick Jenkins and date laugh and smile as they take the floor for a slow dance.

  • Seniors Lauren Hart, Remy Milburn, and Mackenzie McConnell give they’re best smile for the camera.

  • Sophomore class give their smiles and poses for the camera.

  • Dunbar Senior Frankie Rice and her date slow dancing.

  • Seniors Abigail Hendren and Katherine Lin stop for a quick photo.

  • PLDLamplighter Staff poses for the camera.

  • Seniors Abigail Hendren, Jake Heil, and Abby Kelley give the camera their best poses.

  • Casey Powell and Isha Joshi smile with a hug for the camera.

  • Senior Andres Gedaly smiles for the camera with his sunglasses on.

  • A group of juniors give their poses and smiles for the camera.

  • All smiles from Kayla Wall, Jamie Bradley, Angela Fu, and Mackenzie McConnell.

  • Senior Zach Jones and his date smile with a hug for the camera.

  • Dunbar students dance in the neon lights of homecoming.

  • Jackie Wiggam and Caroline Brown give their smiles for the camera.

  • Nunu Vorkpor dancing with his date Izzy Blackman as Lindsey Glass poses for the camera.

  • A group of sophomores poses and smile for the camera.

  • Senior Nathan Wilson and Junior J.T. Jett give their biggest smiles for the camera.

  • Elizabeth Ray, Mackenna Pelfrey, Caroline Puckett, Jake Wever and date, Brittana Turner, and Madison Alexander pose with hugs and for the camera.

  • Emily Bravard, Olivia Stotz, and Kate Deskins smile for the camera.

  • Gracie Logan and Emily Bravard smile for the camera.