Class of 2017 Graduation Gallery

Congratulations to the class of 2017.

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  • Graduates listen as class officers Amy Wang, Mary Vezina, and Jordan Scholl host the “Bulldog Grammy Awards”.

  • Catherine Bohnett and Brooke Bledsoe walks joyfully out of the ceremony with their diplomas.

  • Teachers, Board Members, and Student Leaders seated on stage listen during the ceremony.

  • Class officers Rest Aliu, Meilin Scanish, Ben Xie, and Joey Michael smile on stage alongside Student Council President Ryan Kennedy.

  • Mr. Chet Jenkins listens as the speeches take place.

  • The graduates and teachers watch the video being shown above to commemorate their past four years at Dunbar.

  • Ms. Merrick watches as the speeches commence.

  • Ryan Kennedy and Joey Michael on stage.

  • A group of MSTC graduates pose together after the ceremony.

  • Junior Marshals Hannah Tucker, Virginia Smith, Abby Kelley, Katherine Lin, and MacKenzie McConnell gather for a quick picture before the ceremony.

  • Ms. Tinsley walks towards the stage.

  • Ryan Kennedy leads the way towards the stage during the graduates precession.

  • Junior Marshals watch as the graduates walk in.

  • Graduates make their way to their seats during the precession.

  • Courtney Brewer gleefully walks into the ceremony.

  • Graduate Nisarg Patil awaits his walk across the stage to recieve his diploma.

  • Graduate Aleah O’Cull smiles after recieving her diploma.

  • Graduate Graham Orschell dabs before his walk across the stage.

  • Caleb Norris walks across the stage after his name is called.

  • A new graduate walks offstage after receiving her diploma.

  • Graduate Cameron Northcutt waits for his name to be called.

  • Junior Marshal Kaden Gaylord hands Senior Ramazani his diploma.

  • Maddie McQueen awaits her walk across the stage.

  • Nakaiya Mayberry is handed her diploma.

  • Rony Massaquoi waits for his name to be called.

  • Dennis Mashindi smiles as he waits to go across the stage.

  • Gbutue Vorkpor listens for his name.

  • Principal Betsy Rains hugs graduating senior Jack Stokley.

  • Jack Stokley smiles after receiving his diploma.

  • Chris Ventura awaits his walk to receive his diploma.

  • Poet Laureate Rozalyn Wingate after receiving her diploma.

  • Blake Sunny walks off stage.

  • Olivia Taylor happily holds her diploma.

  • Jimmy Taylor walks down the stage after recieving his diploma.

  • Yasuo Uno gets ready to cross the stage.

  • Ethan Tan shakes hands as he receives his diploma.

  • Bryant Tang smiles after receiving his diploma.

  • Arunmani Phravorachith eagerly waits to cross the stage.

  • Kamryn Stewart waits to get her diploma.

  • Hemanth Sontenam walks off the stage with his diploma.

  • Courtney Smith waiting to receive her diploma.

  • Arya Shoa waits for his name to be announced.

  • Jimmy Rutherford smiles as he walks away with his diploma.

  • Mike Rosen receives his diploma.

  • Javea Richardson before walking across the stage to receive his diploma.

  • Murphy Powell excitedly goes to get her diploma.