Picnic on the Dawgwood Spring Recital

On May 12 the Dunbar Band, Orchestra, and Choir performed a variation of popular songs in the Dunbar gym. Attendees were able to “picnic” at a table while enjoying the music.

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  • Ms. Goff directs the orchestra student.

  • Ms. Elliott leads the band as they perform a song.

  • Orchestra students play a song.

  • Simone Franklin on the drums.

  • A bass player waits for his turn to perform.

  • All of the musical groups and the audience sing Happy Birthday to Junior Choir member Rachael Prewitt.

  • Junior Jack Warren playing the drums.

  • Senior Simone Franklin playing the drums.

  • The bassists play their part of the song the orchestra is performing.

  • Junior Mackenzie Mcconnell performs her solo as she sings the song “Imagine” by John Lennon.

  • The choir performs the song “Imagine”.

  • The Trumpet players perform their parts.

  • Flute players play their piece.

  • The Clarinet section performs.

  • Choir members watch as Ms. Marsh plays the piano.

  • Senior Jimmy Rutherford and Sophomore Jamie Bradley perform a dance number for the audience.

  • Violinists play their part in the song.

  • Sophomore Juan Gonzalez performs his saxophone solo.

  • The trombone players play alongside the percussionists.

  • The Gym was packed with people watching the choir, band, and orchestra concert.