Lady Bulldogs Win Against Danville

Dunbar’s girls’ basketball team won 47-44 in double overtime against Danville on Friday night, December 2, 2016.

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  • Junior, Mashayla Cecil shoots a three pointer. Three point shots were becoming necessary to stay ahead in the game.

  • Junior, Mashayla Cecil dribbles around her opponent as she makes her way to the basket. Even as Danville’s defense became more intense, the Bulldogs managed to defeat them.

  • Sophomore, Cheyenne shoots the ball. The Bulldogs were attempting to shoot 3 pointers in an effort to get ahead of their opponents in a closely tied game.

  • The Lady Bulldogs work together to get the ball. A jump ball was called and the Lady Bulldogs successfully protected the ball.

  • Senior, Autumn Herriford dribbles around her opponents screen, making her way to the basket. The Bulldogs continued to play hard as the scores got closer and the game got more intense.

  • Junior, Peyton Humphreys goes up for the rebound. Both teams fought for the ball among the growing tension as the game progressed.

  • Junior, Brooke Hill watches the ball closely as she prepares to get the rebound. The Lady Bulldogs fought for every rebound in an attempt to win the closely tied game.

  • Senior, Autumn Herriford talks to the refs. Danville had just made a 3 point shot which left the Bulldogs anxious as they entered overtime.

  • Junior, Peyton Humphreys becomes frustrated with the game. Danville was 3 points behind The Lady Bulldogs before making a 3 point shot at the last second, bringing both teams into overtime.

  • The girls reach up to catch a rebounding ball. They worked hard to gain more rebounds in an effort to get ahead in the game.

  • The Dunbar cheerleaders cheer on the Lady Bulldogs. They encouraged the team throughout the game as well as both overtimes.

  • Jailyn Ginter holds the ball away from her opponent. The team showed tremendous effort on offense throughout the entire game.

  • Junior Brooke Hill gets the rebound. She successfully guarded the ball from her opponents.

  • Junior, Anaiyah Cotton becomes frustrated with the ref’s call. Tension began to build as the scores were tied and the teams went into overtime.

  • Junior, Anaiyah Cotton blocks her opponent from making the shot. The Lady Bulldogs struggled to stay ahead of Danville.