Dec. 2 Wrestling Match

The new wrestlers are starting of strong this season with a lot of wins from the first year wrestlers and some strong wins from repeating wrestlers.

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  • Sophomore Alex Spaulding, pinning his opponent and waiting for the referee to call the match.

  • Dunbar Freshman Derek, a first year wrestler, is declared the winner of his first match.

  • A Madison County wrestler is pinned by Dunbar Sophomore, Alex Spaulding.

  • Dunbar freshman Allan,. getting his first ever win in his career.

  • Locked up with his opponent, freshman Allen hopes for another win.

  • Sophomore Alex Spaulding, a two year wrestler getting a takedown as well as control over his opponent.

  • Joe, a two year wrestler getting his first win.

As last year’s season of wrestling came to a close and many long time and experienced wrestlers graduated it left the small team with only a few experienced wrestlers to teach and help out the new and upcoming freshmen get into the feeling of wrestling. But as the first match of the season gets closer, the new wrestlers work hard to get the basics down to face their first opponents of the season.

Some more experienced wrestlers such as sophomore Alex Spaulding have high hopes for the new guys and hope they do well on their first match.

“I hope they do good this year, they have worked so hard and they really want to win,” said Spaulding.

With the help of the more experienced wrestlers and the head coach Pat Sinclair, who has coached the team for many years, the new wrestlers should not have a problem adjusting to the long and exhausting workout the team has to do in order to go out in a real match and win.

“It’s all worth it, all the cutting weight, all the running, its all worth it to hear the refs hand slap the mat and have the ref raise your hand in victory,” said Coach Sinclair, to the new wrestlers after a very difficult practice to lift the spirits of the newcomers for their first match and upcoming season.