The Dos and Don’ts of Halloween

By following these easy rules, Halloween will be better for everyone

Halloween is a time full of parties, tricks, treats, and friends. Although it is a fun-filled holiday, there are rules people need to adhere to. These are my Halloween dos and don’ts.  

Halloween Dos: 

Do hang out with friends. Turn off your phone for a while, pop some popcorn, watch a scary movie, or even play a board game.

Do go to the movies. Gather a few of your friends, or your family, pick a movie (it doesn’t have to be scary), grab a few snacks, and enjoy a good film. It’s a great thing to do on any holiday. The best part is you don’t even have to go to an actual theater, you can watch a movie at home. 

Do enjoy some candy. Halloween is known for “Trick-or-Treat,” a time to dress up and get free candy. Although legally high schoolers are too old to go “Trick-or-Treat”, there are a few ways to get free candy. Go out trick-or-treating with a younger sibling. Not only will you be able to sneak a few pieces of candy here and there, but you will be taking responsibility and looking after your sibling. If you don’t have a younger sibling, you could ask a friend you know that has a younger sibling if they are going trick-or-treating with them. If so, you could tag along.

If all else fails, go to Walmart or Kroger and buy yourself some candy. There are tons of bags full of assorted candy at stores right now. If there is any time to enjoy a big bag of candy, the time is now.

Halloween Don’ts:

Don’t drink. Halloween parties can get a little crazy. Although it might seem like a “good idea” at the time, drinking is a no go. You are underage. Peer pressure is an awful thing, so don’t let anyone pressure you into doing something you wouldn’t do if it wasn’t a “holiday.” This spooky day can still be fun without getting drunk.

Don’t pull pranks. Now, a little prank or scare never hurt anyone, but there are certain lines no one should cross.

Don’t toilet paper or egg anyone’s house.

Don’t completely terrify your younger siblings, knowing that you will most definitely get in trouble. 

Don’t bring a whole bunch of Halloween candy to school. Normally, teachers don’t mind you bringing candy into school. Teachers are people too and they understand that everyone needs a little candy in their life. The only issue lies when you bring large bags of candy to school, or you leave candy wrappers scattered across classroom floors. If you do bring candy into school, make sure your teacher is ok with you eating it in class and please clean up after yourself.

As long as you don’t do anything you know you aren’t supposed to, Halloween should be full of fun. Be sure to stay away from anything illegal and do what your parents say you can.

It’s as simple as this, if you know it’s bad and could get you in trouble, don’t do it.

Have a happy Halloween!