How to Ask Someone to Hoco

School is stressful enough without worrying about how to ask a date to homecoming.

Every year, students struggle with the same issue as Homecoming approaches: who am I going to go with? Unfortunately, I can’t help you with that part. But what I can do, is make sure that special someone says yes!

Some things to think about before asking someone are, who they are to you and where you are in the relationship. You don’t want to ask your bestie in a super romantic way, and you also don’t want to casually ask bae either. Start by asking yourself, are you just starting out? Do you just want to be friends, or are you asking someone you’ve been with for a while?

There are a few ways to ask someone to homecoming, no matter what stage of a relationship you are in. If it’s a friend you want to go with but you still want to do something special, candy with a note is always a safe bet.

Everyone loves sweets, but if you’re asking someone with a less traditional tasty bag of chips or a granola bar that could do the trick as well. This might not work if you’re asking someone out who you’re hoping to date, but something more personal/extravagant will. 

An almost foolproof method is a poster in a semi-public setting. This is a cute way that requires little effort in terms of planning and shows the person how much you care.

However, you do have to make sure that the person is okay with the attention. If not, then they might say no on the spot and we don’t want that. If they are more on the shy side, then a letter or cover of a song is a nice, private way of doing it that is just as sweet and meaningful.

Now, if the person you’re asking is someone special and you’ve already been together for any amount of time, it might be hard to spice things up if that’s what you want to do. Most couples will be fine with a casual question, (in-person of course, never over text) but it’s always sweet when you put in the effort. Some cute things to do are flowers or a nice gift with a message inside. You could even go the extra mile and prepare a home-cooked meal. Whatever it is you want to do, it has to have a wow-factor.