Graduation Party Ideas

Graduation parties can be stressful, so here are some ideas.

Making it through high school can be difficult, so the completion of high school deserves a spectacular send-off.

Large gatherings

If the graduate is a “large party” person, then go big. The venue could be a house, a barn, or a park–anywhere with lots of space for food, festivities and fun with games like volleyball, cornhole, or giant Twister.

“For graduation I am going to have a huge party because graduating high school is a really great accomplishment for anyone and sets my life up for the future,” said senior Marcel Jerome.

For dinner, some ideas are grilled hotdogs, burgers or catering from a fast food restaurant. For dessert, maybe have a sheet cake, cupcakes, brownies, cookies or all of the above. 

Small gatherings

If the graduate prefers smaller parties, invite just close family and friends. Instead of having a full meal, just have some snacks and finger food like chips, fruit, veggies, cookies or brownies.

“I’m having a graduation party, and it’s really important to see all my friends and family before I graduate,” said senior Will Herald. “It really makes me feel like I’m ready to move on to the next stage of my life.”

At a small party, go bigger on the decorations. Get some colorful balloons, hang some streamers, maybe even get a poster of the graduate’s face to hang up. Another idea is to get a book and have people sign their names and leave a note. Also having guests sign a poster, or have some post-it-notes out next to a jar with a sign saying, “leave an encouraging note and put it in the jar,” makes a great memento. 

A graduation party is an event to never forgot, so make some great memories and have the best send off to college.