Gypsy Vanner Horses

The show qualities of a unique breed of horses that are unlike any other horse breed around.

Gypsy Vanners are a mix between different breeds of horses. This includes the Shire, the Clydesdale, and native British ponies, such as the Dales.

Today, they could be registered from a number of different horse associations, such as the GHA (Gypsy Horse Association).

Gypsy history can be dated back 300 years, yet they weren’t considered a real breed until 1996.

This was because there are large differences between characteristics in Gypsy horses.

One characteristic about Gypsy Vanners is that they aren’t a color breed meaning that all colors are accepted, whereas in some breeds only certain colors are accepted.

Most Gypsy horses don’t get very tall. Some stay around 11 or 12 hands while others can reach up to 15 hands. Hands are how you measure horses, whereas we measure people in feet.

Prevalent in gypsy communities, the breed first came into use when the Romanichals began traveling in vardo wagons in the 1850’s. Gypsy horses were mainly used to pull carts and wagons for people and originated in Ireland.

Just like the larger Clydesdales and Shires, the Gypsy Horse is known for having feathering on its lower legs.

Some Gypsy Horses, however, can compete in the size category with the other feathered breeds.

Gypsy Vanners aren’t just known for their feathered feet. They also have long manes and tails.

They are also known by many for their temperament and decent listening.

“My horses act like puppy dogs; if they weren’t so big I would let them come in the house and watch TV on the couch with me,” English teacher Mr. Greg Adams said.

Gypsy Vanners are still relatively new to America.

American breeders are always trying to get more of the top bloodlines. A lot of times, breeders choose to import horses that are the best of the best. This results in American Gypsy Vanner prices to increase more as time goes on.

The price of the horse has a lot to do with their color. The most popular and expensive color is constantly changing in the Gypsy world. This is causing breeders to constantly need to buy more varieties of colors.

Vanners are all different in their own ways because they are made up of so many different breeds.

You really can’t find two that are completely alike.

That is one thing that someone can’t say about most other horse breeds.