World Language Study Important for Students

When scheduling classes, it’s important to consider which ones are most beneficial.

The opportunity to learn a world language in America is available in many high schools across the country; however, students may not be aware of the benefits of taking these classes while language classes are readily available.

One benefit of studying the structure and tenses of a new language, it that it makes it easier to comprehend the grammatical rules and steps of English. Students often don’t learn English grammar as it has been removed from curricula in Language Arts instruction. Learning grammar in a world language can help.

Learning a world language in high school can also help to open doors for students in college and in their search for employment after they graduate.

Most universities and job sites require or prefer applicants that have taken two or more years of a world language.

Although these benefits can help academically, taking a class like Spanish, German, or French, can be advantageous in many aspects outside of school.

For instance, studying another culture’s dialect can improve skills in problem-solving and dealing with abstract concepts. Some studies show that it is one of the most difficult tasks for your brain, but that it strengthens it and

Other studies show that being bilingual can also prevent aging in your brain which keeps it healthy and more immune to things like dementia and attention deficit disorders

Finally, there is the benefit of creating a more inclusive community, and exposure to diversity. Having the ability to communicate with people that do not speak English allows a wider demographic of people to be reached and it can help students to become more well-rounded individuals and to learn about the world beyond their own.

At Dunbar, students are offered opportunities to study Spanish, German and French whether at a beginning level or through Advanced Placement.