Dunbar Seniors Take on San Francisco

Senior Peyton Humpreys was one of 47 Dunbar students who traveled to San Francisco, CA, for the annual senior trip.


The seniors who went on the trip posing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.

We began our trek across the country at 4:15 A.M. at the Bluegrass Airport. The tired yet excited faces of 47 students were quite the sight and both our excitement and exhaustion only grew from there. On the first flight, most of the students inevitably fell asleep.

After an hour, we arrived in Chicago. The airport’s niceties were short-lived, for we soon boarded our next plane for the four and a half hour flight to our final destination: San Francisco. The time difference caught everyone off guard; it was around 11 A.M. when we arrived, despite the hours of travel.

Upon arrival, we immediately boarded a tour bus and set out for a three-hour tour of the city. The driver gave an extensive history of San Francisco which was still enjoyable, despite our exhaustion. We got to visit Twin Peaks, the Marketplace and Golden Gate Park where we saw incredible views of the city, ate amazing food and found the birthplace of Twitter.

Courtesy of Peyton Humphreys
We had a fantastic view of the San Francisco skyline.

Once we made it to our hotel in Fisherman’s Wharf, we were set free for a few hours to wander around the various shops surrounding the hotel. We traveled by foot as a group to an Italian restaurant called Michelangelo’s and dined on pastas and breads served family style for all to enjoy.

The next day we traveled by cable car to downtown San Francisco. Despite the crowdedness of the car, this was incredibly enjoyable, for the weather was amazing and the sights were just as breathtaking.

We made a quick stop at Lombard Street, taking in the sight of California’s curviest road, relishing in the photo op. It did take a few cars attempting to pass our group photos to realize that this truly was a road, even though it seemed too beautiful to be so.

After a rollercoaster-esqe trip over the hills of the city, we arrived downtown, where we were turned loose for a couple of hours. My group ventured into Chinatown and, having been to New York City’s Chinatown, the friendly workers and delicious food here were quite the step up. The buildings were adorned in graffiti, making for lovely photos and enhancing the already lively atmosphere. 

After shopping around, we trekked back to our hotel, using the cable car system to our advantage. It was incredibly easy to navigate and, for the most part, people were willing to help us get to our destination with ease, which only improved the trip.

As a longtime basketball player and fan, the opportunity to watch the Warriors take on the Spurs was incredibly exciting.

In the evening, we boarded a bus and headed to Oakland for a Golden State Warriors game. As a longtime basketball player, I was incredibly excited to watch the super team that is the Warriors take on the Spurs because, though I may despise the Warriors, as the saying goes, “real recognize real”. The subway trip there was an interesting experience. The passengers were not necessarily pleased with 40-plus teenagers pushing their way onto the small car.

The atmosphere at the game was unmistakable, even though Steph Curry got hurt within the first two minutes. The Warriors won a very tight game by three, as the Spurs missed a last-second three-point shot. 

On the third day, we woke up early and headed to visit the Muir Woods and the town of Sausalito. Muir Woods was breathtaking, even though we only had 45 minutes to explore. We had plenty of time in Sausalito though, which was a cute oceanside town with European style housing.

Courtesy of Peyton Humphreys
Our view of the San Francisco skyline from the cruise ship was breathtaking.

Later that night, we boarded a boat and went on a dinner cruise around the bay. The boat provided an abundance of food and a dance floor. The song choice was a bit subpar, but the DJ was lively and allowed the occasional request.

The last day was my favorite by far. We were allowed hours of free time in the morning, so I navigated the subway and trams of the city with friends and visited the other side of San Francisco. We traveled to the Mission District, known for its abundance of murals and sunny sub-climate. Then, we rode over to Haight-Ashbury, the home of Golden Gate Park and the beginning of hippie culture. 

That afternoon, we all met up again and went through both the Exploratorium and Alcatraz. The Exploratorium, personally, was not that great for me. It was interesting, but with our time limit, there was little opportunity to explore. Alcatraz was fascinating though and our time there was mostly comprised of an audio tour informing us of the lives of those who had lived there, both prisoners and guards.

After grabbing a quick dinner, we boarded a bus and headed back to the airport, where our red-eye flight awaited. We were then left to relax in the Chicago airport before heading home

Overall, the senior trip was beyond memorable. I had an amazing experience in San Francisco that I am sure will last a lifetime.