PLD in Pictures: Dunbar Prom 2017

The prom king and queen, Jackson Stokley and Nakaiya Mayberry, were crowned at 10 p.m.

For the first time in several years, Dunbar held its prom off campus. This year, under the guidance of Mrs. Lyndsey Thurston, Mrs. Melanie Timmers and Mrs. Cynthia Jones, the prom steering committee petitioned to have prom at the Carrick House on North Limestone. According to attendees, not only was the venue a beautiful and welcome change, the music, snacks that included soft pretzels, and giveaways like glow sticks also contributed to a successful evening.

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  • 2017 Prom King and Queen were crowned: Nakaiya Mayberry and Jackson Stokley.

  • Nakaiya Mayberry was crowned Prom Queen.

  • Mike Rosen, Lindsey Bravard, Rachel Fister and Jack Sheroan on the dance floor.

  • Prom attendees were given glow sticks.

  • Mrs. Robin Flannery and Mallory Hughes enjoying prom.

  • Organizers Mrs. Lyndsey Thurston, Mrs. Melanie Timmers and Mrs. Cynthia Jones.

  • PLD Sports Boys together at prom.

  • Valeria Santiago and Brittana Turner at prom.

  • PLD Administration, Mr. Antonio Blackman, Ms. Betsy Rains, Mrs. Nancy Hill and Ms. Andrea Tinsley, at 2017 Prom at the Carrick House.

  • Seniors Brooke Bledsoe, Hope Vain and Klaire Johnson pose at prom.

  • Mallory Newman (right) was a member of the prom court.

  • Snacks such as these soft pretzels were available all evening.

  • Seniors Adrian Bard, Yasuo Uno and Gbutue Vorkpor at prom.

  • Seniors Justin Kline and Emily Liu posed on the patio.

  • Seniors Deebha Adhikari and Samantha Cooper posed at prom.

  • Seniors Nakaiya Mayberry, Asia Henderson and Tia Wilson on the dance floor.

  • Dunbar students enjoyed the dance floor.

  • Seniors Matt Inman and Luke Florence on the dance floor.

  • Students enjoyed a themed ice sculpture that incorporated both fire and ice.

  • The Kesaraju twins, juniors Rohith and Akhil, posed at prom.

  • Jennifer Lopez and her date at prom.

  • Several Lamplighter staff members posed for a picture together in the lobby.

  • Prom King Jack Stokley on the dance floor with friends.

  • Juniors Katherine Lin, Sharon Chen and Sydney Carter pose for a picture.

  • Marina Castillo, Rosa Iara, Austin Valenzuela, Moises Martinez, Jose Vega, Yanet Flores, Daniel Meza, and Lizeth Martinez pose for a picture on the top floor.

  • Senior Matt Baseheart poses with his guest Jade Williams.

  • Junior Rachael Prewitt and Senior Matt Jones pose for a picture.

  • Alex Jones, Maddie Carter, Arunmani Phravorachith and Arya Shoa posed together.

  • Senior Maggie Dostart and her date on the dance floor.

  • Students enjoyed refreshments at prom.

  • An attendee left her shoes at her table while she hit the dance floor.