Senior Dinner Dance 2017

The theme of the evening was “A Night with 007”

The senior executive board, led by math teachers Mrs. Sarah Lubbe and Mrs. Debra Reaguer, hosted the annual Senior Dinner Dance held on Feb. 18 at the Lexington downtown Hilton hotel.

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  • Dunbar seniors Blake Sunny, Kallie Hellard, Hunter Bargo, and Valeria Ascension-Santiago.

  • Noah Landry, Rachel Fister, Matt Jones and Amanda Judy before going through the buffet.

  • The dance included a catered dinner.

  • Keeton Crowe and Lamplighter Staff member Lauren Denham.

  • Michael Waggoner, Jimmy Taylor, and Carter Hayslett while waiting in line for food.

  • Bismark Darko, Will Johnson and Luke Hernandez pose together on the dance floor.

  • Senior Executive Board advisers, Mrs. Sarah Lubbe and Mrs. Debra Reaguer.

  • Lamplighter Editor-in- Chief Emily Liu poses with Justin Kline during the dinner.

  • Carson Roach and Lamplighter Staff Member Maddie McQueen pose together.

  • DJ Stand set up on the dance floor in accordance with the “A Night with 007” theme.

  • Erin Tallio and Joscelyn Fennelly.

  • Josh Dang and Kyle Bradshaw prepare to take on the dance floor together.

  • Josie Geogehan and Joe Mulert relaxing near a high top table.

  • Lamplighter staff members Olivia Bunch, Madison Calhoon, and Brooke Bledsoe.

  • Rebecca Pollack and Macey Hammond before entering the dance.

  • Lamplighter staff members Maddie Carter and Kasey Sprague going through the buffet line.

  • Lamplighter business manager Arya Shoa poses along with Brandon Burford and Mason Sheets.

  • Lamplighter Staff member Lauren Denham with offerings from the buffet.

  • Zach Hall poses with Lamplighter broadcast editor, Addie Brown, during the dinner.

  • Adrian Bard and Lamplighter Staff Members Andres Calleja and Matt Jones during dinner.

  • Decorations for the Senior Dinner Dance’s casino theme.

  • Props for the seniors to pose with for pictures at the dance.