Class of 2016 Graduation

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  • The Dunbar Band plays as seniors enter Rupp Arena

  • Senior Class Secretary Ally Neal gives her welcome speech

  • Senior Addy Bell watches the graduation ceremony

  • Student Council President Madison Ellis gives her speech

  • Senior Class Secretary Jaci Darling gives her speech

  • Students watch the commencement ceremony

  • Senior Paige Isaac watches the ceremony

  • Choir students perform at the ceremony

  • Students and teachers alike watch the ceremony

  • Senior Audra Jones performs a solo with the choir

  • Graduating seniors perform with the choir

  • Senior Class President Timothy Michael gives his speech

  • Students watch on during the ceremony

  • Students and teachers stand and sing the fight song

  • Senior Class Historian Rain Fisher gives her speech

With the end of the school year comes the bittersweet truth that is graduation. On May 27, seniors dressed up, put on their caps and gowns and gathered in Rupp Arena one last time–the same place where just two months prior they celebrated a state championship. The room was filled with mixed emotions, as Timothy Michael gave a speech that  had teachers and students on their feet singing the fight song, and Ally Neal gave words of wisdom from the one and only Troy Bolton. As students accepted their diplomas and moved their tassel from right to left, there was a sense of togetherness. Before the ceremony, graduates-to-be from all walks of life gave their advice to future classes at Dunbar and got sentimental over their time here while looking on to their new lives wherever college takes them.

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  • “Don’t be scared to take risks” Keaton Allen, University of Kentucky

  • “Don’t see obstacles, see stepping stones” Maddie Ellis, Georgia Tech

  • “Enjoy every moment! It goes by in the blink of an eye!” Jaci Darling, University of Alabama

  • “We’re all in this together” Ally Neal, University of Kentucky

  • “Be moldable, listen to your leaders, and allow them to inspire you!” Timmy Michael, Stanford University

  • “Live with kindness” Molly Brown, Northern Kentucky University

  • “Always get involved” Rain Fisher, Eastern Kentucky University

  • “Be on time” Abbey Fouch, Western Kentucky University

  • “Let go of judgment and be always selfless, and do you” Jake Chafin, University of Kentucky

  • “Be kind” Maggie Davis, University of Kentucky

  • “Don’t get lost in the sauce” Emad Chishti, University of Kentucky

  • “Enjoy each day, but it’s okay to leave and follow your dreams” Addy Bell

  • “If you’re gay, be gay” Marshall Fields, Western Kentucky University

  • “Do what your heart tells you, don’t let your family or friends change your mind” Maddie Baker, University of Mississippi

  • “Have fun” Riley Fitzpatrick, Murray State University

  • “Enjoy your time in high school, it goes by fast” Emily Edwards, University of Kentucky

  • “Love yourself” Maddie Nau, Coastal Carolina

  • “Don’t blink, you might miss something” Connor Roberts, Western Kentucky University

  • “Hug your parents” Madison Winstead, University of Kentucky