Sadie Hawkins: Making The Ask

Sadie Hawkins dances are a tradition in schools across the nation, and Dunbar has embraced it with our second Sadie’s taking place November 6th. See the best of the Dunbar girls’ Sadie Hawkins asks.

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  • Juniors Claudia Robertson and Zach Hall

  • Juniors Amanda Moore and Ryan Kennedy

  • Sophomores Baylee Lanter and Nathan Williams

  • Seniors Maddie Ellis and Patrick Irving

  • Senior Emily Edwards and junior Sheldon Brown

  • Juniors Courtney Brewer and Hunter Bargo

  • Juniors Madison Calhoon and Taylor Heflin

  • Seniors Mallie Stewart and Nathan Irving

  • Juniors Lindsey Bravard and Bailey Sanders

  • Seniors Paige Isaac and Jordan Brown

Sadie Hawkins was a character in a 1950s-60s comic strip. She was seen as homeliest girl in the town, so her father, out of fear of his daughter dying alone, created Sadie Hawkins Day in which the single girls of the town chased down the eligible bachelors and dragged them kicking and screaming to the alter. Half a century later, we honor this with the tradition of Sadie Hawkins dances, where the girls ask the guys and pay for the tickets. Here at Dunbar we have held Sadie Hawkins dances for the past two years, and the students have loved it. “I really enjoy Sadie’s because, since we don’t have homecoming, it’s kind of Dunbar’s version of homecoming,” says senior Paige Isaac. Students appreciate getting to have a fun, formal night with their friends, especially underclassmen who don’t have the option to attend prom.

This year Sadie’s is on November 2nd, the Monday before Election Day. With the dance being just around the corner, girls and guys alike are beginning to stress over dates. Girls scramble for the perfect way to ask while the guys start to feel the pressure girls feel during prom season.

The girls at Dunbar did a great job this year asking their friends and boyfriends to Sadie’s, and here are some of the best. Use the hashtag #DunbarSadies2015 to see your proposal in this post and use it on all your pictures the night of Sadie’s!