Sadie Hawkins Dance

Maggie Davis and Drew Shoaf

Girl’s Perspective

Sadie’s: at first glance, it’s exciting. It’s something new, something interesting. As a girl, I was excited when I first heard Dunbar would be hosting its own Sadie Hawkins’s dance.

However, it didn’t take long for reality to set in.

Who would I ask? How would I ask? What if he says no?

These questions haunted me for days. Simply put by sophomore Lindsey Bravard, “It’s stressful!”

Rejection is terrifying, but maybe not as terrifying as not being asked at all. While I
was nervous about being turned down, I felt empowered by the idea that I could ask whoever I wanted. Girls, who normally have to wait around to be asked, now held all of the power.

Don’t let the boys fool you. They may say dances are stupid, that this whole thing is cheesy, or that it isn’t their idea of fun, but no one wants to be the one who isn’t asked. So while it may be scary to ask, it’ll be worth it once you’re at the dance having fun (plus the cost of the ticket includes a t shirt).

However, in order to make this dance fun, it’s vital that as many people go as possible. The Dunbar Student Council has been working extremely hard to plan the dance, and the proceeds will help support both the student council and the Senior Executive Board. Sadie’s differs from prom because its open to all grades, meaning even underclassman are welcome.

“I really hope everyone comes and makes it a big night,” says junior Sarah Hoffmann.

Boy’s Perspective

The Sadie Hawkins Fall Formal tends to break away from the traditional image of a high school dance. Unlike prom, the fall formal involves a girl asking a guy as a date, reversing the roles as a whole. The typical idea that a guy must buy the tickets and dinner is quickly switched, as the girl is left with the responsibility. Although the girls may look forward to the dance, the opinion of guys differs tremendously.

“I think the dance is a good thing, and I believe that it allows the girl to have more power. Overall, I am looking forward to the dance, and think it will be a good time for all,” said Ben Lumpp.

I as well believe that what the dance has in store for Paul Laurence Dunbar will bring great pleasure to all in attendance. Many boys will say dances are stupid and even claim they don’t want to go, however do not let this fool you. The majority of guys actually looks forward to it and frequently talks about the amount of fun they’ll have with their date.

At first, I wasn’t thinking about going, but once I was asked, I realized that it would be a fun way to end my career at Dunbar. I am sure that many other guys share my opinion, but I guess I will find out on Saturday.