The Limited Edition KFC Corsage

The corsage is a classic element of prom attire for the girls. However, the restaurant industry is modernizing this simple floral arrangement to include an unexpected element: food. A florist in Louisville is now selling chicken corsages for prom through

For $20 plus shipping, boys can purchase their dates a corsage, which comes with a $5 gift card for original recipe, extra crispy, or grilled chicken. This way, customers can ensure that the chicken is fresh to present to their dates on prom night.

The corsage debuted through a hilarious video posted on the KFC website (, showcasing a high school boy giving the corsage to his date, who enjoyed the snack later on in the evening. If pre-prom dinner is not enough, the corsage would be a simple way to take a light snack into prom.

There are only 100 corsages available, so those considering the option for their dates will need to act quickly. Any couple who wants to honor traditional Kentucky business and bring a twist to typical prom traditions should check out this wildly different corsage.