Things to do After Prom

Prom is considered one of the most memorable occasions of your high school career; however, what you do afterward will stick with you for just as long. This year, make sure you figure out your after-prom plans so you have fun from the time you leave to the time you go to sleep (or not).

One popular idea is going to a midnight movie go with your group of friends and get popcorn, candy, and enjoy a movie.

Another idea is just going out to eat. After all the dancing you might want to consider going for ice cream or going to eat at somewhere more casual like iHop or Waffle House.
“After Prom, my friends and I went bowling,” said senior Kaleigh Massey. “After a couple of hours, we went to crash at one of my friends’ house. Her mom had breakfast ready in order to carry on a tradition that she did when she was in high school. We stayed up talking in the kitchen and then we fell asleep in her sister’s bunk bed.”

Another fun idea is a sleepover with your full group. Find a friends’ house that is roomy enough for a group of people and stay up playing Rock Band. If any of the friends in your group has a fire pit, you could all gather around in comfy clothes, make s’mores and talk about the night at a bonfire.

“Last year after Prom my friends and I went to my house and we started a bonfire. We changed clothes, made s’mores and laughed the whole night. I’m planning on doing the same thing again this year,” said junior Daniel Sizemore.

Night swimming is also a fun option; If you or one of your friends has a pool your group can change into swimsuits and night swim for a few hours.

“My freshman year I went with my boyfriend and three other couples. After we went to one of my friend’s house where we changed into swim suits and relaxed in the pool,” said junior Kelsey Folsom. “It was a great way to relax without worrying about how our hair and makeup looked.”