How to: Last Minute Prom

As prom season approaches, most people have had everything planned out months in advance. However, if you tend to procrastinate, or don’t know that you’re going to prom until a couple weeks before, it can be hard to get dinner reservations or hair and makeup appointments.

It may be difficult to get a hair appointment, but you could call around and try to find a salon that either takes walk-ins or has an appointment available. Most salons like Insignia or Allure fill up pretty quickly, though. If you don’t have such luck, find a friend who is good at hair, or do your own hair. There are hundreds of hair tutorials on YouTube. It may take a few practice runs and some patience, but anyone can do their own hair, even an updo.

Make-up ideas can also be found on YouTube, Pinterest or various blogs. There are tutorials from real makeup artists who are fantastic, including famous bloggers Michelle Phan and Lisa Eldridge. You could also go to the mall and get your make-up done at the beauty department at Macy’s. Most make-up artists in the mall will do it without an appointment for free if you just ask. However, some, like Mac, only take appointments and will be very busy on the day of prom.

While guys don’t have as difficult of a time planning prom, there are some things that they still need to do, including finding a suit and, if they want, a date.

“Get a date, a ticket and join a group,” said senior Jay Bishop. “If you need a tuxedo then look at Geno’s or Men’s Warehouse, they always have tuxedos there no matter what event is going on.”

Guys can get a tuxedo at Geno’s up to a week in advance, but once the week of prom arrives, they may not be able to ship tuxedos in time. Guys also need to order a corsage from local florists or you get one at a grocery store like Kroger.

As for dinner, it is still possible to get reservations up to a couple weeks before. The more popular restaurants, like Malones or Coba, will most likely be booked, but other restaurants are still available, such as Jonathan’s at Gratz Park. Also, if an expensive meal out isn’t your idea of a good time, a meal at home with friends is always fun. It can be very easy to organize, too; assign everyone a certain dish to bring.

If you decide to go to prom last minute, just remember to get the essentials. All you really need is a tuxedo or a dress, a group, and tickets. Everything else will fall into place and prom will be one of the highlights of your time in high school.