Tips for Surviving Valentine’s Day

Everyone has his or her fair share of awkward moments, but the worst ones arguably happen on Valentine’s Day. I have compiled many ways you can avoid these moments and here are my tips:

Tip 1: Just stay inside all day and spend your Valentine’s Day alone. You can buy yourself chocolate and presents.

Tip 2: Do not agree to go on a date with any random guy or girl who asks you. Tell him or her that you already have plans, or that you don’t like dating (refer back to tip one).

Tip 3: Don’t make eye contact with anyone all day long. If someone tries to talk to you just pretend that you speak a different language or quietly moonwalk away.

Tip 4: Don’t accept any presents offered to you. If you do, you will feel obligated to give them something in return and it could just get worse.

Tip 5: If you take the risk and go out on a date, don’t let him or her walk you to your door to say goodbye. Here, your date might try to give you an awkward hug or kiss. As soon as you are dropped off at your house, before your date even comes to a complete stop, roll out of the car and take off to your front door.

No one likes to be caught in an awkward situation so you have to take many precautions, especially on Valentine’s Day. Not everyone can have a “perfect date,” so take my advice and try to avoid an awkward Valentine’s Day