Monogram Madness

Throughout the hallways, Dunbar students, especially girls, are sporting their newest clothes from the holidays. This year, a common trend is monogrammed clothing and accessories. Monograms are embroidered initials on clothing, purses, or accessories, usually with the last initial in the middle of the design. Social media has played a major part in the spread of this style.

Pinterest boards and Tumblr dashboards are booming with initials of thousands of girls addicted to the monogram craze. Many girls have taken to monogramming their jackets, backpacks, t-shirts and binder covers as an expression of their personalities. Some students consider monogramming as making their mark on traditional pieces of clothing.

“Monograms make your clothes personal to you – no one will have the same thing because everyone’s initials are different,” said junior Mary-Caroline Farah.

While monograms are the latest trend, the fashion has been a part of the preppy tradition for decades. Henry VIII was the first royal to place his initials throughout his palace as a symbol for ownership, and the initial art form has not died since. The Official Preppy Handbook (yes, I do own this book) dedicates an entire chapter completely to the art of the monogram. As the year stretches forward, monograms will become more visible throughout students’ wardrobes.

Monograms may be a growing trend at Dunbar, but the rest of the nation may not be focused on embroidering their wardrobes due to regional differences.

“I think monograms are so popular because Kentucky is a southern state,” said Farah.  “Lots of southern women follow the motto ‘if it is not moving, monogram it.’”

There are a variety of shops to purchase monogrammed clothing. Marley Lilly is an online business that can place initials on their hundreds of products for both men and women. Etsy shops are another great resource in finding personalized, handmade items. In Lexington, So Many Choices, located behind Meijer, can embroider initials on products you bring to them specifically, so that old plain t-shirt sitting in the drawer can become a transformed clothing item unique to you.

With these resources, both boys and girls can catch up on the latest trend (and one of the oldest traditions) of monogramming. Imprinting your own initials on your clothing, school supplies, and accessories allows you to show your unique self.