Dunbar Unites with Red Socks

After the emotional assembly with Manny Scott, Dunbar’s morale was raised.  In early January, Dunbar students and faculty were each given a pair of red socks to wear in order to show unity and support for one another.

As high school students, we often think that we are the only ones that matter. However, Scott brought us back to reality and made us realize that the thoughts and feelings of our peers matter, too.

Since Scott’s Speech, Dunbar’s main focus has been to improve student interactions, allowing us to act as a community instead of as individuals.

Principal Betsy Rains has given the school weekly challenges to help keep Scott’s message alive. Such challenges include “making a commitment to let go of the drama, anger and resentment” and “finding people at school, at home or in the community doing something to help others, and thank them for living a life of service.”

Scott made students and faculty realize that not everyone gets to go home to a happy environment.

“I think that the red socks are meant to be symbolic so all students know the school community cares about them. Everyone can wear socks so it’s something everyone can participate in,” said librarian Summer Perry.

Although we are capable of supporting each other during the week, it is hard for us to be there for one another over the weekends when we aren’t together. Students and staff were asked to wear their red socks every Monday and Friday. The socks were suggested as a way to not only show support when we are here on weekdays, but to also show support for the people who go home to unfortunate situations on the weekends.

The socks were intended to be worn on feet; however students are finding creative ways to show their support. Some students have been seen wearing the socks on their hands, around their necks and around their heads. Whether the socks are worn on feet or hands, the message behind them is still being conveyed.