Are You Secure with Your Social Security Number?

By the time you reach high school, there are a lot of things to memorize. From your cell phone number to your email password, the list seems endless. However, your social security number is one of the most important numbers to memorize. High school is the time in life when you become more responsible and independent, so it is important that you know this number by heart.

As you continue to get older, you will begin to use your social security number more and more. Having your social security number memorized comes with benefits such as being able to apply for jobs, opening bank accounts and filing taxes.

“I’ve used my social security number for medical situations and for AP testing,” said senior Kendall Kruszewski. “If it comes up, you should know it.”

Not many people pay attention to their social security number until they need to use it on things like job applications. You need to put down your social security number on every job application you fill out as a source of identification.

“It’s important to know your social security number because it’s the only thing that gives you a true distinguishable identity, it’s the only thing that makes you different from anyone else, so that in itself should make you want to learn it,” said Kruszewski.

A lot of people don’t memorize their social security number because they don’t think they can, but it’s easier than you think. Memorizing your social security number is just like memorizing your own cell phone number. After using it a few times and looking over it, it will just naturally stick in your head. You could memorize your social security number in parts first, and then put it all together once you get each part down.

“The way I remembered my social security number is by sets, there are three numbers, two numbers and then four numbers and you can memorize it by the three different sets,” said Kruszewski.

Even though we are only in high school, it is time to start being more responsible for ourselves. Learning your social security number is a good way to show maturity. You are the only person in the whole United States with that number, so it is important that you are careful with it. Try to avoid putting this number on the internet and be careful who you share it with. If you have to give it to someone, make sure they have a valid reason for needing it. If the wrong person gets ahold of your social security number, they could steal your identity.

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America. If the wrong person gets a hold of your social security number, they can access your personal information and start spending your money with your credit cards. If you are not careful with your social security number the consequences could be detrimental.