University of Kentucky Tailgating

 It’s that time of year again. Not just football season in general, but Kentucky football season and therefore tailgating is back and in action. Some people think that tailgating is better than the actual game and I wouldn’t blame them.

 A tailgating favorite, for girls at least, is getting dressed up. In Lexington, usually it’s cool enough to wear boots and scarves, but also not too cold to pull out your favorite blue and white dresses. It’s always fun to dress up and feel pretty and good, especially since you’re going to see almost everyone you know. When you dress nice it makes you want to take pictures and it’s always nice having pictures to remember fun events.

 Another great thing about tailgating is the food. Not only is the food decorative and festive, but it’s also always delicious. From hotdogs on a hot day to chili on a cold one, the food is always remarkable. While those foods are good, most people look forward to the desserts. Desserts are the easiest and most delicious things to bring to a tailgate. They can range from cookies to cakes, almost always, blue and white for UK. Tailgate foods also include plenty of snack foods like chips and fruit, and also lots of cute drinks like blue kool-aid and wacky wildcat juice. Because of this, you aren’t just having a good time, but you also are satisfying your stomach.

 Another great thing about tailgating is being able to see everyone you know from different schools. Tailgating is really popular for high school students, especially for people at Dunbar and other schools in Fayette County. Most students are busy all the time with school and extra activities, but

tailgating lets you have fun with people at your school and other schools. It’s a great opportunity to hang out with different people. 

 The final and most important thing tailgating is that it lets you do is help you get ready for the football game. With music and the band playing, the wildcat coming around and loud chants being repeated, it gets you ready and excited to go into the game and cheer on the cats!

 Now that UK football season is finally back with a new coach and new hope, tailgating can return bigger and better. Some of the best memories you’ll have come from tailgating and sometimes it’s so fun that you don’t even go into the game. You don’t want to miss out of these festivities. Go cats!