I, Kentuckian

You can either be proud or embarrassed to say you’re from Kentucky. We urge you to be Kentucky Proud. To explain why our state is a terrific place to call home, we made a list of the many quirks of living in Kentucky:

1. Everyone and their grandma cheers for the UK Wildcats or the Louisville Cardinals. Pick a side and wear blue or red for the rest of your days.
2. When people from outside Kentucky ask you if you wear shoes, you are amused. Not.
3. Ale-8 is the soft drink of choice. Supporting local businesses can be quite refreshing!
4. Even if you’re not a rider, you’ve attempted to giddy up on a horse’s back at least once.
5. It’s no big deal to be wearing a parka one week and flip-flops the next. It’s possible you might need the heat on today and the AC on tomorrow.
6. You can always count on ridiculously unhealthy food at the state fair: for instance, Krispy Kreme hamburgers and fried Kool-Aid (funnel cake with Kool- Aid flavoring).
7. It is normal to be mildly obsessed with famous Kentuckian celebrities such as George Clooney and Ashley Judd.
8. Snow days are quite common, even though snowfalls greater than 4 inches aren’t.
9. At least once a week you will see someone completely covered in camouflage print.
10. Every once in a while, you can’t resist saying “y’all” or “folks,” or putting a little twang to your accent.
11. An UK shirt and jeans is just as fashionable (if not more so) than the newest clothes at the mall.
12. It’s hard to tell that we’re not all family here. Maybe it’s the good old-fashioned Southern hospitality.
13. There’s not a more relaxing way to end the day than with some front porch sitting.
14. With all the rolling hills around here, you can always find a good spot to go sledding. Just avoid the sinkholes.
15. Bluegrass music leaves a Kentuckian with a terrific, foot-stomping beat in their heads for days afterwards.
16. Bacon, cheese and toast achieve perfection in the much loved and classic Kentucky dish, the hot Brown.
17. You know how to pronounce the local version of “Versailles,” and you’ve mastered saying “Lou-ah-vull.”
18. We’re proud to call ourselves Southerners, except when it’s better out Midwest.
19. The ultimate sign of success is to be seen at the Kentucky Derby, wearing the mandatory ostentatious hat.
20.You read this list and thought of many more things to add about living in our state- this is the sign of a true Kentuckian!