A True “Victory Project”

A Don’t Worry Darling movie review

One of the most anticipated films of the year came out on Sept. 23. Don’t Worry Darling made over $33 million in the first ten days of being out. Filming began in Los Angeles in October 2020 lasting through February 2021. The movie’s production was stalled however due to drama between the cast members.

Though enough talk about the behind-the-scenes, how was the actual film?

The film followed Alice, a devoted housewife to her suspicious husband Jack, finding out that her perfect world isn’t what it seemed to be. 

The plot, overall, was structured well, but it started out slow. Though the film makes up for this later on in the third act as it picked up the pace ultimately making for a great end to the movie. 

The Camera work was done beautifully. It helped craft the film into a sight to see. The way Olivia Wilde directed the movie made you feel as if you were in the 50s and were along for the ride with the characters.

Some of our favorites were Florence Pugh, Chris Pine, and Harry Styles. Florence Pugh and Chris Pine were fabulous in this film. We would watch it again just to see them act. Sadly Harry Styles played a fairly simple character, which didn’t highlight his growth as a new and upcoming actor. 

We rate this film a four out of five. It had a few flaws that kept it from being great, but overall it was a good movie. 

Go watch it for yourself and tell us what you think.