Behind the Scenes of PLD Drama’s “Spamalot”

In spite of a difficult year with remote and virtual classes, the drama department produced a spring musical.


Olivia Wells

The cast of Spamalot said that this year’s musical was a lot of fun and a nice escape from the stress of quarantine.

Students in Dunbar’s drama department will have in-school performances of Monty Python’s Spamalot at Dunbar this week. It is a popular musical adapted from the 1975 film Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Directed by Mrs. Brooke Jackson and Mrs. Alicia Henning, this year’s performances were challenged by COVID10 and virtual learning resulting in some non-traditional rehearsals that were held via Zoom. Even though, the production team and cast were able to achieve their goal of having a spring musical.

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  • Because of COVID-19 the drama department had to have a virtual choreographer teach the dances in the musical. The cast was able to practice using pre-recorded instruction.

  • Spamalot has many dances with tap components. Students are provided with tap shoes to learn this style of dance.

  • The cast rehearsing the “Knights of the Round Table” scene.

  • The castle set piece is made with styrofoam as walls. To create the brick effect, students carved into the styrofoam.

  • The back of the drama department’s castle set for the production of Spamalot. Many of the pieces are reused from past sets.

  • Many scenes in Spamalot are performed at the top of the castle on set. The set design and construction team is Jennifer Gould and Jay Henning.

  • Backstage left from the audience perspective, or stage right. A lot of set pieces are stored here. The garage door gives easy access to the outside for larger pieces.

  • A hallway in the drama department is also used to store props from previous shows that can be reused by different casts.

  • As show time gets closer the costumes for the cast are moved backstage for easy access. Every cast member has their own costume bag with their name on it to help everyone stay organized.

  • Backstage right, or stage left from the perspective of the audience. Many costumes are stored here.