Dunbar Drama Presents Anne Frank

The play based on the beloved book ran from Jan. 23-25.

PLD’s Drama Department recently performed The Diary of Anne Frank. A play based on the events of two Jewish families in hiding during Nazi Germany.

“Learning about the holocaust and how easy and quick it is to turn from tolerance to intolerance of certain groups of people is important,” PLD Drama teacher Mrs. Alicia Henning said. 

The Drama Department at Dunbar puts on two plays a year.

According to sophomore Aria Daffron, who played Anne Frank, the main thing that they wanted students and other viewers to take away is that it is important for students to stay informed about the history so that it does not repeat itself.

“This still happens today all over the world where people are used as scapegoats for the problems we may be having as a society, and instead of looking for the actual problem, we look for somebody to blame,” Mrs. Henning said.

In July of 1942, the Franks went into hiding in order to escape the persecution of Jewish people, ordered by Dictator Adolph Hitler. Otto and Edith were the parents of Margot and Anne Frank. Another family by the name of Van Pels was portrayed under aliases: Hermann, Petronella, and Peter Van Daan. They were also a Jewish family living in Amsterdam with the Franks. 

A week after the Franks moved into the annex to seek asylum from the horrific acts against the Jews, the Van Daans joined them. The Frank and Van Daan families lived in a secret annex behind Mr. Frank’s jam and spice business.

“The play is about the struggle with the confinement and emotions [that the families] feel,” senior George Gordon said.

Gordon portrayed Otto Frank, the family’s only survivor.

When Frank was freed, he found his daughter Anne’s diary. Today, The Diary of Anne Frank has sold over 30 million copies in more than 60 countries and 70 languages.

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  • Peter Van Daan (Esoso Kaumba) and Mrs. Frank (Kylie Schmidt) are sitting at the dining table awaiting the news from their trusted keeper Miep.

  • Peter (Esoso Kaumba) tries to comfort Anne (Jaycee Castro) after his mother just yelled at her and caused a scene in front of everyone again.

  • Mr. Van Daan (Yousuf Alazawi) iss defending his wife’s cooking as Mr. Dussel is complaining about the limited supply of food.

  • Mr. Frank (George Gordan) gives his monologue about what happened to the Annex’s residents after they were caught. He talks about how he was the only one to surivive. He recovered Anne’s diary and published it and it is now the story we all know today.

  • Anne (Jaycee Castro) lays on the floor and writes in her diary. Anne’s diary is now famous for giving firsthand experience as to what it was like to live during the war and in hiding.

  • Mrs. Van Daan (Savanna Montgomery) is recalling the first time she met her husband (Yousuf Alazawi) she is expressing her love and her sorrow during the horrible event that is happening outside the Annex.

  • Mr. Van Daan (Yousuf Alazawi) ask Miep if she brought more cigarettes when she comes for the New Year.

  • Mr. Dussel (Jake Thomas) is removing Mrs. Van Daan (Savanna Montgomery)’s tooth. He was a dentist before living in the Annex

  • During Hanukkah, Anne makes presents for all the residents from whatever she can find. Mr. Van Daan (Yousuf Alazawi) is holding out the cigarette that Anne made for him as Mrs. Frank (Kylie Schmidt) lights a match for him.

  • Mr. Frank (George Gordan) wraps the poorly knitted scarf that his daughter Anne made him for Hanukkah using whatever pieces of wool she could find.

  • Anne (Jaycee Castro) holds out a cigarette for Mr. Van Daan (Yousuf Alazawi) as a present she made for Hanukkah as everyone around the table watches.

  • Mrs. Frank (Kylie Schmidt) reads aloud her present she recieves from Anne. It is an IOU for doing anything she says since Anne is always bothersome to her mother.

  • Anne (Jaycee Castro) and her sister Margot (Lucy Nunnelley) sing a song in Hebrew for their celebration of Hannukkah.

  • Mr. Van Daan (Yousuf Alazawi) raises a toast for their new addition Mr. Dussel and his arrival to the Annex.

  • Anne (Jaycee Castro) introudces Mr. Dussel (Jake Thomas) to the room that they will be sharing during their time in the Annex.

  • Mrs. Frank (Kylie Schmidt) is being firm with Anne (Jaycee Castro) because she is misbehaving and causing a scene. Mrs. Frank says that she were more like her sister Margot (Lucy Nunnelley) who is well behaved.

  • Mrs. Van Daan (Savanna Montgomery) screams at Anne (Jaycee Castro) for spilling milk non her beloved fur coat that her father gave her before he died.

  • Mrs. Van Daan (Savanna Montgomery) is extremely upset that her fur coat is ruined after Anne (Jaycee Castro) accidentally spilled milk all over it.

  • Mr. Frank (George Gordan) and Mr. Van Daan (Yousuf Alazawi) are talking about whether or not Mr. Frank should help Peter (Esoso Kaumba) with his studies.

  • Mr. Frank (George Gordan) goes over his daughters’ school work, for he is their only teacher in the Annex.

  • Mr. Dussel (Jake Thomas) comes back from the WC and expresses his indigestion to the table because he is always taking a long time.

  • Margot (Lucy Nunnelley) gives her sister (Jaycee Castro) advice on how to act around her love interest Peter as she is about to go join him in the attic.