Welcome Back, Sisters

The beauty community of YouTube has spurred controversial headlines this past week.

Before cracking down what exactly happened between these two popular beauty gurus, you must watch the first video that begun this wildfire.

What started with miscommunication over promotions with untrustworthy brands ended with James Charles’ career being “canceled” in just a day by Tati Westbrook.

But the question that may arise is: Who is Westbrook?

The younger generation wouldn’t recognize who she is since she joined YouTube as a beauty guru reviewing makeup and uploading tutorials back in 2010. Forwarding to 2019, she is now 37 years old and has over 4 million followers.

As Charles was just starting out in the YouTube beauty community, Westbrook took him under her wings and became his mentor into the beauty industry. She was known to be acting as James’ YouTube fairy godmother. He even called her “mom.”

This didn’t last long as after her video, “Bye Sister…” was posted, she gained double the number of subscribers she had then.

Why and what was this video about?

Here’s what went down.

Sugar Bear Hair. A company that sells hair, vitamin, and sleeping gummies is one of the top competitors for Westbrook’s new hair and vitamin pill brand Halo.

During Coachella season, Charles and his friends attended with VIP passes. A VIP pass doesn’t offer as much security as an Artist pass would. Take into consideration that Charles has a following of 16 million subscribers so being mobbed wasn’t less likely to happen. Artist passes can only be given by a company, artist, or band.

So, Charles reached out to Nikita Dragun, knowing she was at Coachella because of Sugar Bear Hair and had high security with an Artist pass, offering to advertise this company on his Instagram story if they gave him an Artist pass.

And all that went down was simply business. Charles got the pass and returned to safety, but not before texting Westbrook to inform her what was about to go down.

Westbrook was not happy. She posted on her Instagram story voicing how she’s done “being walked over.” It didn’t take long for fans to connect the dots. Charles was immediately taken under probation over the media as more followers began investigating the real tea.

Her video was later published (update: currently, she has taken down her video) and nearly ended Charles’s career.

Rising allegations about Charles rose claiming he’s “a danger to society” and a sexual predator after Westbrook narrated a scenario that occurred at a restaurant with James. This story began with her saying he tried to hit on a straight male and ended with the supposed “straight male” coming out as ‘bi-curious’ on YouTube. Watch the video to see what happened with this story.

Westbrook also mentioned Charles using the term “I’m famous” to lure straight men into sleeping with him. Now, this is a lot to take in within a 40-minute video, but many fans did not bother to wait for Charles to explain himself. He ended up losing 3 million subscribers in a span of a week.

Although Westbrook started it all, many other famous influencers jumped the bandwagon in #TeamTati. Zara Larsson tweeted about Charles consistently dm-ing her boyfriend. Jeffree Star tweeted that Charles was banned from his house by his boyfriend, Nathan, due to him being uncomfortable around Charles. Grayson Dolan, Emma Chamberlain, Shane Dawson, Shawn Mendes, Kylie Jenner, and more unfollowed Charles on Instagram.

So, the tea seems to be piping hot and especially hot for James Charles. Even after James uploaded an apology video for Tati, no one sympathized.

95 million subscriber YouTuber, Pewdiepie, even spoke out about this drama on YouTube seemingly siding with no one and making it clear that we have yet to hear James’s side.

A week after this drama had time to settle, Charles’s came out with a video everyone was waiting for titled “No More Lies.”

Just wait, sisters! Because after the publishing of this video, Charles immediately gained 1 million followers back.

So, what happened in this video?

Charles played his UNO reverse card on Westbrook. There was no holding back when he proved his point in every false allegation made about him. The biggest reason why he lost all support from others was because of him being claimed as a sexual predator. He made a bold statement in his video stating that he’s a “19-year-old virgin.” Nothing he’s done was ever done without consent.

His receipts for everything he said proved many points in that Tati Westbrook may be the manipulator in this case.

This video left many fans confused about whether to resurrect Charles from his YouTube grave and to cancel Tati. But all in all, this drama spread all over YouTube and left others in a vulnerable state.

What matters now to all the influencers involved is to move on. With all the toxicity in the air, they seem settled and all on the same page to not discuss any more of this situation and give each other some space.

Now, this seems to be a confusing ball of madness for the audience to understand. And that may just be the lesson we all need to learn, which is to stay out of people’s business.

But to all the fans that re-subscribed…Welcome Back, Sisters!