Give Underground Artists a Chance

Mainstream musicians are constantly in the spotlight, but there are others who don’t get as much attention as they should.

Many mainstream artists are simply overplayed, so fans looking for a fresh sound have been turning to lesser known artists.

Here are my suggestions for artists who deserve more attention:


The first artist is 1-800-Bull from Broward County, Florida. His most popular songs include “Night Time” and “Mirror Man” where he showcases his ability to have powerful and catchy lyrics whilst having a smooth beat.

He recently released a joint album with producer yung icey, who has produced for big artists such as yung bans and smokepurpp. It wouldn’t be surprising to hear his music on the radio in the next few years.


The second artist would have to be uglyfendi from Austin. His music is considerably one of the most versatile on the list with his most popular songs “waste my time * + * no friends”, “Alone”, and “demon walk.”

They all show his ability to be consistent, keep a good hook, and have great beat selection. “fendi’ also is an exceptional producer and engineer so it’s safe to say he has potential in the future.

6 dogs

The third artist goes by the name of 6 dogs from Atlanta, Georgia. 6 Dogs is a bit bigger than the others, and could be a global sensation. He needs to be a little more consistent on music he drops.

Many find his music calming. His most popular songs include “Flossing”, “Someone”, and “Faygo Dreams,” where he produces heartfelt, soft and catchy music.

Jack Harlow

The fourth artist is an up and coming Kentucky legend who is making a name for himself. Jack Harlow, who is from Louisville, has unbelievable skill. His sound is like a 90’s west coast lyricist with melodic rapper beats.

There’s not much to complain about with him and he’s really one of the next artists to be considered “up next.”


Splurge is the fifth and final artist on my list. This artist from Arlington, Texas, is one of the most unique. He has a very powerful presence in his basic beat selection, and his cadence and flow are simple, but powerful. In fact, he’s one of the artists who has made this sound so popular that it can be called a new substyle of rap.

His most popular songs are “Intro Part 2,” “Beat By Jeff,”and my personal favorite “Racks.”

If you’re bored with the mainstream, give lesser known artists like these a try. You won’t be disappointed.