Incriminating Ink Celebrates 15 Years

On June 3, several Dunbar student writers presented literary magazine pieces at Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Lexington Green.

Dunbar’s literary magazine, Incriminating Ink, is a collection of poems, illustrations, short stories and photographs created by students. Every year, the compilation is published under the instruction of Mr. Gary Egan and Mrs. Tara Wilkinson, who both teach creative writing. While creative writing students are required to submit to the magazine, any Dunbar student is allowed to share their work.

“I liked when I got [Incriminating Ink] and I found out that a lot of my friends wrote and I had no idea,” said creative writing student Tejaswini Sudhakar who submitted several pieces, including one entitled “Jumping the Gun,” which was inspired by the shootings of unarmed black males.

The student authors read their pieces aloud to an audience of peers and parents at Joseph-Beth Booksellers. The event gave the students a chance to present their work to an audience.

“It’s very important to be able to be confident and proud in our work, because writing, even though it’s something you do by yourself, is a very community-based art,” said editor Becca Daugherty.

“In order to be a successful writer we have to have people listening or reading our work, and talking about it and spreading it, so by having the chance to read our art out loud to others, it really introduces us to the community aspect of writing and the importance of having our art, and in turn our voice, be heard,” she said.

Pieces ranged from a humorous short story of kindergarten exploits to a student’s tribute to his grandfather. Creative writing student Zachary Hall said “Past Tense: A Lesson from Grandfather at Thanksgiving” was his favorite of his own pieces.

“It’s nice to be able to know that something you made is good,” said Kyle Cooper. “It’s nice when people appreciate it.”

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  • Mr. Egan, director of LitMag begins the event by giving a few words about the production of the book.

  • Zach Hall is the first contributor to the LitMag to read his piece aloud at the event.

  • Past products and the current LitMag book on sale at Joseph Beth.

  • Katie Yoder reads her story in the LitMag.

  • Students follow along as their peers read their pieces from this years LitMag.

  • Students reading the LitMag.

  • Dunbar’s literary magazine has been put together by creative writing classes for over a decade. This is the 2017 book.

  • Teja Sudhakar reads aloud her piece.

  • Kailey Boyles reading from the LitMag.

  • Many authors of the LitMag read their contribution to the book aloud as the audience followed along by reading their copy.

  • Kyle Cooper preparing to read his writing aloud.

  • The audience claps as each author finishes reading their piece.

  • Towards the end of the event the authors of the LitMag sign each others copies.

  • Attendees read the piece as it is read aloud by its author.