Dunbar Drama Presents Bring it On!

The Dunbar drama department performed Bring It On!, a contemporary show featuring elements of cheerleading, dance and hip-hop. It was based on the book written by Jeff Whitty, with music from Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda and Amanda Green.

The show starred Jamie Bradley as Campbell Davis, a popular cheerleader turned lonely misfit when she gets redistricted to Jackson High School. Campbell tries to fight her way back to the top, despite many challenges that she must face.

“We started rehearsals before winter break, and the cast was really dedicated,” said Bradley, a sophomore. “I think we were all really ready to perform.”

During the show, Mrs. Brooke Jackson, a director and producer of Dunbar’s Bring It On!, was pleased with the cast’s performance.

“It’s a very difficult show, but I really think that they’re pulling it off and doing a great job,” Jackson said.

Bring It On! was the last production of the 2016-17 school year, and, for many, the last as Dunbar students.

“Taking my final bows was really hard, and…seeing that curtain close was like it’s closing on this section [of my life],” said senior Jimmy Rutherford. 

Next year’s musical has been announced as Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, and some of the cast members are very enthusiastic about it.

“It’s going to be something very different for Dunbar,” said Mackenzie McConnell, junior, “I think it’ll be very unique…but I am very excited to try something new.”

In comparison to Bring It On, Sweeney Todd is predicted to attract a very different crowd.

“I think the plot will draw people in…I think it’ll attract more adults…because it’ll be more relatable to them,” said McConnell.


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  • Dunbar English Teacher Ms. Jackson giving a few words about the play before it begins.

  • Sophomore Jamie Bradley plays Campbell, head cheerleader of Truman High School who had to switch schools unexpectedly.

  • The Truman High School male cheerleaders take a quick break to grab some juice box refreshments.

  • Cheerleaders talk in the halls of Truman High.

  • Nautica, Danielle, and La Cienega walk down the hall of Jackson High on the first day of school.

  • Skylar, Campbell, and Kylar prepare to hear who made cheer captain.

  • Skylar and Bridget who wears the school mascot speak on stage.

  • Steven gives Campbell flowers to console her.

  • During try outs Eva practices cheerleading stunts to show Campbell what she is capable of.

  • Campbell tells Skylar bad news about the squad.

  • A male Truman Cheerleader lifts a fellow teammate into the air.

  • The Truman High School cheerleaders anxiously wait to hear if they have won the spirit stick.

  • Bridget talks to Campbell about being on the Truman Cheerleading team instead of being the mascot again.

  • Truman Cheerleaders practice their routine.

  • Campbell defends her new friend Danielle who was snubbed rudely by two people waiting in line for food.

  • Campbell goes to see Danielle at work to apologize to her and ask if she can join her crew.

  • Danielle sings at Jackson High’s pep rally.

  • Campbell walks into see Eva and Steven studying together, making Campbell feel betrayed.

  • Nautica and La Cienega give Bridget advice.

  • Danielle pleads with her boyfriend Cameron to join the Jackson High cheerleading squad.

  • Campbell talks Cameron into being a male cheerleader.

  • Eva talks to her team about how they need to improve for nationals.

  • Cameron and Randall talk in the halls of Jackson High.

  • The Truman High cheerleaders are about to perform at nationals.

  • Bridget gets asked to go on a date.

  • Bridget sings about being asked out on a date.

  • Campbell and Randall are on a picnic.

  • Eva sings about cheerleading with her squad around her.

  • Eva and the squad perform a routine.

  • The Jackson High cheerleaders perform their routine at nationals.

  • Randall congratulates Campbell on her hard work during the competition.

  • Bridget sings at cheer nationals about their performance.