Dunbar’s Art Department Has Lasting Impact on Students

The art classes offered at Dunbar allow students to take a break from their rigorous curriculum and express themselves.

The art department at Dunbar has the goal of helping students break away from classroom stress and express themselves with their artwork.

“It’s not just about making pretty things to put on your refrigerator, it’s about learning how to express yourself visually not just using language but a combination of language and imagery,” said art and drawing teacher Mrs. Emily Storch.

Crafts, drawing, pottery, sculpture, and painting courses all have similar objectives in which teachers aim to give their students flexibility to incorporate their creativity into their projects, and to also learn life skills along the way. The classes also offer a break in the day where students can branch off from core classes and take a relaxed class to use their minds to create whatever they want.

Each art class creates different projects. For example, drawing classes are assigned a project in which students draw a comic strip to share a story. Painting classes spend time on Rex Ray inspired mixed media pieces. Sculpture classes work on a political-social project of interest.

The main purpose of these different art projects is to send a message and tell a story. In core classes, students may not be able to express themselves but art classes open up opportunities for students to express their feelings and share their stories with others.

“Art classes give students a reason to come to school. It’s important to teach kids how to live their lives and not just take multiple choice tests,” said art and painting teacher Mrs. Rachel Pawley.

The different art projects are shown around the school and can send messages and stories of the different cultures and backgrounds of the students at Dunbar.

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  • Student artwork hangs above the glass hallway.

  • Student portraits of Mrs. McNely (left) and Ms. Kelly (right) are showcased in their classroom.

  • An art poster hangs in Mrs. Pawley’s classroom. classroom.

  • Student watercolor pieces are showcased in Mrs. Pawley’s classroom.

  • Student craft project hangs in Mrs. Banks’ classroom.

  • Student artwork hangs in Mrs. Banks’ classroom.

  • Students’ craft projects.

  • A student’s pottery piece in Mrs. Eller’s classroom.