Dunbar Hosts Lexington Art Project “Unlearn Fear and Hate”

Special Edition of WPLD for CCR Block on Nov. 9

Dunbar art teacher, Ms. Debbie Eller, brought Kurt Gohde and Kremena Todorova’s latest project, “Unlearn Fear and Hate,” to Dunbar. The Transylvania University professors are known for their community art projects, and this project’s message for the people of Lexington is to rethink stereotypes and get to know one another better. This video features a poem by Frank X. Walker, “Love Letter to the World,” illustrated by Ms. Eller’s AP/Honors Art class.

Discussion Questions:

  • Why are we fearful of things, people, places, situations?
  • How can we change or alter our attitude towards things we fear?
  • What causes us to hate? How can we reverse hate?
  • What effects do the attitudes of fear and hate have on our society?