PLD Drama Presents Monster

Dunbar’s theatre program presented “Monster” during English classes on Thursday and Friday.

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  • Mary Shelley, played by Maddie Mcqueen, looks up at Mr. Shelley, played by Carson Roach.

  • Mary Shelley looks into a mirror during a feud with Mr. Shelley.

  • Claire reads from the book of ghost stories.

  • Senior Jimmy Rutherford and Sophomore Jamie Bradley dance together as part of the ensemble.

  • The cast laughs after the show.

  • The cast takes a bow after a successful show.

  • Junior Charles Brennan plays the part of The Monster.

  • Senior Carson Roach plays the part of Mr. Shelley.

  • Mary Shelley looks down at her hands.

  • Senior Maddie Mcqueen plays the part of Mary Shelley.

  • a distressed Mary Shelley played by Maddie Mcqueen looks down at her hands.

  • An ensemble member poses for the scene.

  • Senior Hunter Bargo acts with enthusiasm during his scene.

  • Ensemble member, Charles Brennan says his lines.