PLD Orchestra Concert at UK Singletary Center

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  • The second level’s first violins warm up before the performance.

  • The view from the back of the orchestra.

  • The second level orchestra warms up one of their pieces.

  • As the second level concert master, Shelby McCubbin performs a solo with her classmates following.

  • Second violin, Emma Stivers, plays with the second level orchestra.

  • Bassist Devon Fife tunes before performing.

  • The Dunbar orchestras performed at the UK Singletary Center.

  • First and second chairs, , perform leading dun bar’s top level orchestra.

  • The top level orchestra rehearses on stage.

  • A view of the final row extending from the orchestra.

  • Hannah Wang performs as first chair cellist in Dunbar’s top level orchestra.

  • Violinists Yoon Cho (left) and Ronit Kar (right)

  • The top level orchestra practices before the performance.

  • Dunbars top level orchestra is conducted by Mrs. Goff.

Dunbar’s top three orchestra levels performed at UK’s Singletary Center For the Arts on March 4. They performed a pre-assesment concert conducted by Ms. Cynthia Springer, a student teacher at PLD, and her mentors, orchestra teachers Mrs. Anna Watts and Mrs. Rebecca Goff.

Each level will return to the Singletary Center on March 17 to be judged on every aspect of musicianship, from playing previously rehearsed pieces to sight-reading.