Lovers, Fairies, Players and More

It’s an age-old love story. A girl and a boy are in love, willing to defy authority and run away together. In a game of love and chance against players, fairies and her best friend, how will the girl get her love back? Maybe with a little bit of magic.

Paul Laurence Dunbar High School’s Drama Department is excited to announce that their play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, will take place this month on Nov.18 and 19.

This popular Shakespearian comedy is “not like any other play the PLD drama department has produced before,” said senior Olivia Casey. “It’s more light-hearted and comical.”

The play features Hermia, played by Casey, who after refusing to marry a man she does not love, runs into the woods with her “lover” Lysander, enacted by junior Dylan Baker. She faces death threats as her true love, her stalker Demetrius, played by senior Michael Gosky, and her jealous “best” friend Helena, enacted by junior Addy Bell, follow her. Madness unfolds in this humorous romp with mischievous fairies, a donkey man, and a wacky “Romeo and Juliet” like play within a play.

“Pretty much the whole show is perfect, especially the guy who plays Lysander. He’s really handsome and charming,” said Baker with a laugh.

The play features over 30 cast members, including those who have been working tirelessly behind the scenes.

“As a freshman I loved meeting all these new people,” said Rachel Wagers, who plays the role of a fairy. “We all worked really hard to put this show together, and it’s amazing.”