Fallin’ for Fallon

Jimmy Fallon’s first month as the new host of the Tonight Show on NBC was a strong one.  He took over the spot from Jay Leno, who ended his 22 year reign as host last month.  Jimmy Fallon took over the show after hosting Late Night With Jimmy Fallon for the past five years.

Jimmy Fallon started off with a strong first week that included guests such as Jerry Seinfeld, Will Smith and Justin Timberlake.  Since then Fallon has continued to have an interesting list of guests including Tina Fey.  Although he has had a star studded guest list, his interviews have been short, and more like banter and conversation rather than an interview.  If anything, Jimmy Fallon is just too “gushy” with his guests and needs to tone it back.  While it is good that he has a lot of energy he does not want to lose his professionalism.

Even more impressive than his interviews is his monologue that he opens each show with.  He has a sweet style and has a silly presence that reels in his audience and makes them fall in love with him; not to mention his musical bits that are crowd pleasers as well.  His highlights of his monologues include a parody music video he made with LeBron James that was reminiscent of a 90’s rap video.   Sometimes he seems to enjoy his jokes more than the audience, but his style continues to have and infectiously happy and exciting quality.  On top of his monologue he has made the smart move of keeping some of his sketches from The Late Night Show including the most popular one such as “Thank You Notes,” and “Lip Sync Battles.”

Jimmy Fallon’s music has also been very impressive.  He has a good on stage connection with his house band “The Roots,” and the band leader Questlove.   The band is great and adds another endearing quality to the show.  As far as musical guests go Fallon has had as many famous and talented guests as he has had for interviews.  In his first month he has performers such as Lady Gaga, U2 and the Avett brothers.

Jimmy Fallon has had a good start to his career as the Tonight Show host.  He is talented, funny and has a great personality.  For his first month he has had the highest ratings of any host in the same time slot.  With a strong following that supports him Fallon is going to have a strong run as host of the Tonight Show.