The Bachelor: Women Tell All

The Bachelor: The Women Tell All aired last Monday. The episode allowed 17 women, all of whom were sent home by Juan Pablo Galavis, to talk about their true feelings for Juan Pablo and controversial things that happened behind the scenes.

This season’s Women Tell All was different from those in the past because all of the women ganged up against Juan Pablo instead of arguing among one another. All of the women agreed that Juan Pablo was not genuine this season.

Juan Pablo showcased honesty as one of his main characteristics at the beginning of the season, but as the season wore on, the women and viewers have discovered that he isn’t very honest at all.

He told Renee that he didn’t want to kiss her because he didn’t want Camila, his daughter, to see him kissing tons of women, but then he turned around and kissed Charlene. He told Clare that he didn’t feel comfortable swimming in the ocean with her, when he took Andi out into the ocean the next day.

The women also said he used Camila as an excuse way too much. Similar to Renee’s case, he told many of the women that he didn’t want to kiss them because of Camila, when in reality it was because he was planning on sending them home. Lauren, one of the girls sent home early on, said she wished Juan Pablo had just told her the truth instead of telling her he didn’t “want Camila to see him kissing 27 women.”

“I don’t think Juan Pablo was honest this season,” said sophomore Mallie Stewart. “He told Renee he wasn’t going to kiss her because she’s a mom, but he kissed Cassandra and she’s a mom too.”

When it comes to scrutinizing Juan Pablo’s character, it is also important to consider his argument with Andi directly before she left the show. She told him she did have feelings for him, but she couldn’t see herself marrying him because he was selfish, and his response was, “it’s okay,” and that was all he said. Andi got angry and proceeded to tell him that no, it was not just “okay.”

Apparently the night before, Juan Pablo had told Andi that “she only made it through by default” and that “she was about to go home anyway.” Andi left the show because of Juan Pablo’s lack of compassion. The next time they saw each other was on The Women Tell All episode, when Juan Pablo made a joke of their whole argument, waving to Andi and telling her, “it’s okay.”

Some viewers think Juan Pablo should have treated Andi better.

“Juan Pablo was definitely rude when he handled the situation with Andi,” said Stewart.

Unlike Stewart, TLC teacher Ms. Conner doesn’t think the situation is completely Juan Pablo’s fault.

“If what Andi is saying is true, I agree with her, but we have no way of knowing what was said because we didn’t see it,” said Ms. Kirsten Conner.

Senior Kendall Kruszewski doesn’t place all of the blame on Juan Pablo either.

“I think that Juan Pablo and Andi misunderstood each other when he told her ‘it’s ok,” she said. “I think he meant that it’s okay if she wants to move on, even though he was hurt. But I think she took it like he didn’t care for her.”

There are only two women left on the show… Clare and Nikki, and while both of them might be a suitable choice for Juan Pablo, many viewers are starting to wonder if he deserves a wife at all after the way he’s treated many of the women this season.

It will be interesting to see which woman he chooses because they have very different personalities; Clare is bubbly, especially compared to Nikki who is pessimistic. Many viewers have concerns about how long the relationship will last with either woman he chooses after Juan Pablo watches the catty episodes from this season. Even more viewers are worried if either woman is fit to be a stepmom for Camila.

The Proposal, along with the second portion of The Women Tell All will air on ABC Monday night at 8 pm. After the way this season has gone, both parts are bound to contain plenty of tears and drama.