Back from Season Breaks: Are you Psyched to Meet Your Mother?

Starting in January, many TV shows are returning from a mid-season break. The new season genres span from horror to comedy. If you watch multiple shows and they all ended around the same time, it is easy to get the mid-season finales confused. Shows like Pretty Little Liars are already hard enough to follow, so here is a brief overview of shows returning from their mid-season break.

Pretty Little Liars

The mid-season finale of Pretty Little Liars ended on a serious cliffhanger. Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily found their “dead” best friend, Ali, alive and well in Spencer’s backyard. They also discovered where A has been hiding all of his or her equipment. When the winter season premiered on Jan. 7, fans were desperate to know what happened to Ali and where she went. However, the premier episode began with the four friends wondering the same thing, so the entire episode centered around one question, “Who is in Ali’s grave?”

This season, fans can expect to finally find out what happened to Ali the night she supposedly died, and what made her leave Rosewood in the first place, according to the producers of Pretty Little Liars.

How I Met Your Mother-

The final season of How I Met Your Mother returned from its mid-season break on Jan. 13. The last episode before the break ended with Marshall finally arriving at Barney and Robin’s wedding. The producers of the show revealed that the second half of the season will contain a lot of fighting between Marshall and Lily, something fans aren’t excited about. Ted’s future wife has been seen, but only Lily has actually met her. The upcoming 200th episode will focus on the past eight years of his future wife’s life, something that the How I Met Your Mother crew has been looking forward to for the duration of the show. The series finale will air on March 31, wrapping up almost 10 years of air time.


The season finale of Psych aired on May 29 with Lassiter, Gus, Shawn and Juliet being investigated by a police consultant, who was angry with them over their “poor police work.” After recounting a story about a case involving diamond theft and poisoning, the consultant demotes Lassiter to beat cop and refuses to hire Gus and Shawn for future cases. Season 8 began on Jan. 8 with Shawn and Gus talking about working with Interpol in London on an undercover operation.  Lassiter is still angry that he’s been demoted and wasn’t given credit for saving his boss’s life. He also learns that his wife is pregnant, and is quickly developing a fear of death because he doesn’t want to die before his child is born. The new season is going to be centered on Lassiter’s demotion and the problems he faces because of it.