Dunbar Drama: The Chronicles of Narnia

 Over the past week, the Drama 3 classes have been putting on performances of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The play centers around four orphans who are sent to live in the country during World War II, and find their way to a magical world called Narnia. The orphans, Lucy, Edmond, Susan and Peter encounter an evil witch, a wise lion and a variety of mythical creatures on their journey to save Narnia.

Cast A

Cast A, which consisted of the A1 Drama 3 class, did an amazing job when I saw them. The costumes, makeup, acting and effects were all outstanding. The set pieces were simple yet extremely effective. I liked how scene changes were quick and without much break from the play itself. The sheets used to portray the lamp, the castle and other props were colorful and were very professional looking. I also liked the lighting; in the scene where the White Witch was murdering Aslan there was red lighting that emphasized the drama of the scene. The lighting and sound effects really helped in showing the tragedy and joy that was already apparent through the actors.

Brothers Peter and Edmond were played by Michael Gosky and Walker Vickery, who both did an amazing job along with Ashton Stathis and Addy Bell who played sisters Lucy and Susan. All of their accents were believable and their costumes, props, hair, makeup and acting was very true to the time period the play was set during. The White Witch was played by junior Kelsey Folsom who did an outstanding job at portraying evil, anger and a tyrant desperately clinging to her thrown. Aslan was played by Noah Albritton, and he did great at embodying a kind but determined ruler. Overall everyone in the cast from the woodland creatures to the leading roles did an amazing job and made this play one to definitely go see.

Cast B

I saw the B day Drama 3 cast and I thought the play was really good overall. There were some moments that were funny and I couldn’t tell if they were intentional or not. For instance, audience members laughed at Aslan’s costume.

“They aren’t supposed to laugh at Aslan- he’s supposed to be dignified,” said senior Josiah Howlett who played Aslan in the play.

Kate Marshall did a fantastic job as Lucy and her stage sister Susan, played by Olivia Casey, was equally as amazing.  They both showed maturity and bravery and their accents and over all portrayal of the characters were spot on.

John Fiske did a great job as Peter. He was extremely brave and Peter’s spirit for adventure and natural born leadership was shown very well throughout the play, particularly in the sword fight scene with the witch.

Austin Stacy was great as Edmond. He had a childlike aura and acted very selfish in the beginning but as the play progressed he became more mature and more likeable.

Josiah Howlett was the perfect fit for Aslan. He was brave and noble, as a leader should be. The sound effects really added to his major scenes and his make-up was impeccable.

Kayleigh Wilson did an awesome job at the White Witch. She was intimidating and bitter and made an excellent angry and vengeful ruler of Narnia. In the final scenes when she was being defeated, her fear and doubt were tangible.

In the performance I watched, the entire play ran very smoothly and no one forgot their lines. Overall, I think this cast did a really job of transforming the Dunbar auditorium into the magical world of Narnia.