Senior Pictures: Capturing the Moment

Everyone wants to remember what they looked like during high school, and senior pictures allow students to do just that.

Because senior pictures have become such an important keepsake, it is important for students to choose the right photographer. One of Lexington’s most popular photographers is Ali Wheeler. Wheeler started Ali Ann Photography two years ago and says she has shot pictures for somewhere around 100 seniors.

Wheeler is a very popular professional photographer among seniors in Fayette County, but professional photographers aren’t the only ones taking senior pictures. Some of Dunbar’s photography students take senior pictures for their classmates.

Senior Patterson Callahan is taking pictures for his peers this year. He has shot pictures for seniors Emily Ponder, Paige Garvin and Maggie Potter.

“I charge $50-100 a session,” said Callahan. “I commonly shoot photos at Ashland and Midway.”

In addition to choosing dependable professional or amateur photographer, it is also important for seniors to pick scenic locations and trendy outfits for their pictures.

A popular shot for senior pictures is in a field. Girls often wear white or ivory dresses and curl their hair. Guys frequently dress in a button down shirt with nice jeans. The country look for both sexes is usually finished off with a pair of cowboy boots.

Senior Alyson Hatfield had her pictures made by Wheeler. While a country flare is often seen in outdoor pictures, her photos show that not all outdoor outfits have to have a country twist.

“A grassy field in Masterson Station was my favorite location,” said Hatfield. “I wore high waisted shorts and a hot pink crochet top.”

In addition to fields, downtown locations are frequently used scenes for senior pictures. The wall in front of Third Street Stuff is popular for cityscape pictures.

Wheeler says that she shoots her pictures at Third Street Stuff quite often.

“My senior girls get to choose their locations. Third Street Stuff is a very popular place that the girls like to go. I think the girls tend to choose this location because it’s colorful, youthful, and all about self-expression,” Wheeler said.

Third Street Stuff isn’t the only place that students can show self-expression. Student athletes are able to express themselves through their pictures by having them taken in athletic complexes. Athletes who are having their picture taken typically wear jeans with tennis shoes and represent their team by wearing a t-shirt or warm-up with the school name or logo.

There are a lot of decisions to make when it comes to having senior pictures taken. Students can have their pictures taken by a professional or amateur, the location can be indoor or outdoor and outfits can be dressy or casual. The possibilities are endless, but one thing is for sure… senior pictures are a prominent part of senior year because they reflect the

accomplishments of the seniors. No matter what decisions are made about picture outfits and locations, it is important that students are happy with them.

Wheeler agrees that the most important thing to remember when it comes to senior pictures is why they are being made.

“You’re at that time of your life where you are figuring out who you are and who you want to be. You change so much during and after your senior year. It’s truly the biggest year of your life and you should have images to remember it by,” she said.