Vine vs. Instagram: I Heard it Through the Grapevine

The newest rival to Instagram, Vine, took off in 2013 and is quickly catching up to all other popular social media. Vines are short six second videos of everything from dogs to fashion; however, the most popular Vines are the funny ones.

One reason for Vine’s popularity is that it allows you to make frequent updates of videos as opposed to Instagram, which is better known for just having pictures, or Twitter which typically only shows text updates.

Vine is also popular due to its easy use; you can easily scroll through the people you follow and watch their videos, and making Vines are just as simple. They can be made on your smart phone and even though they are short, you can pause when recording  to save time.

Vines tend to be random: there are pranks, spoofs, voice-overs, awkward situations, skits and clips from shows/interviews. Despite the short length of the videos, teenagers find themselves engulfed in the humorous vines.

“I got a Vine in August because my brother and I found out about it and tried it out, and now I’m addicted.” said freshman Sam Foley, “At first I thought I’d just stick to Twitter and Instagram, but I like Vine so much more.”

While there are constantly “Top 50 Funniest Vines” lists and “10 minutes of Funniest Vines” videos, there aren’t any specific Vines that are the funniest due to the massive amount of videos that are uploaded each day. Despite this, however, there are still “famous” Vine users.

“I love Vines because of how funny they are,” said freshman Corrie Hunter, “My favorites to watch are videos from Jerome Jarre, Nicholas Megalis, Marcus Johns and Brittany Furlan, but I also really love to make my own videos when I’m just joking around with my friends and my sisters.”

Aside from Vine users that have become famous online there are celebrities that utilize Vine to reach out to their current fans. Celebrities such as Tyra Banks, Josh Peck, Big Sean, Lucy Hale and Jason DeRulo use vine to share with their fans what they’re doing career wise and general information on their lives. These Vines can also be used to show the light, unscripted lives of everyone’s favorite celebrities.

Many others agree with Corrie, Sam and the 40 million other people with Vines, and use it to relax and joke around. Whether you’ve had a bad day or you’re looking for videos to laugh at with your friends, Vine is the ideal place to go to get your fill of funny.