Les Mis: The Movie or the Play?

The University of Kentucky Opera Theater was recently “at the head of the barricade” with their awe-inspiring performance of the hit musical Les Miserables.

Les Miserables is a dynamic and forceful drama about Prisoner 24601, also known as Jean Valjean who escapes his parole. Meanwhile, a young woman with a child, Fantine, is forced to sell herself into prostitution in order to earn money for her daughter. The mother acquires a disease and eventually dies. Valjean is subject to a series of events until he is finally able to save the little girl.

The story is widely loved because of its profound morals and complex storyline. Les Miserables has been widely praised and honored by the Oscars and the Tony Awards. But is it better in film or on stage?

According to Senior Morgan Quick, “I enjoy the play better because it’s live and the interaction between the audience and the characters brings ‘you’ into the story.”

After seeing the show ourselves, we agree with Quick’s opinion. The play connects with you on a deeper level than a film ever could. Seeing the story played out in front of you live makes you feel like you’re a part of it.

Feeling involved wasn’t the only highlight; the cast was filled with brilliant talent. Gregory Turay convincingly portrayed Jean Valjean with his powerful operatic voice. His performance brought chills and tears to the entire audience.

Jessica Bayne gave gut wrenching emotion through her portrayal of Fantine. Although Fantine dies early in the show, Bayne’s presence was felt throughout the entire performance.

“People are singing” about how incredible The UK Opera Theater performs. Les Miserables was a huge hit and will be talked about for a long time.