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Illuminating the News for the Students by the Students

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Illuminating the News for the Students by the Students

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Lexington Tattoo Project

Lexington, Kentucky, is a proud place to call home, and its citizens are always looking for new ways to express their love for their city.

Transylvania University’s Professor of Art, Kurt Gohde, and the Associate Professor of English, Kremena Todorova, asked local Affrilachia poetess Bianca Spriggs to write a poem about Lexington.

Frequently collaborating on large artistic projects, they divided the poem into 250 phrases after it was completed. Then, they came up with a design for each phrase, and called out to the Lexington community on Facebook, asking for volunteers to have one of the designs tattooed on their bodies by Robert Alleyne of Charmed Life tattoo shop, all expenses paid for by sponsors.

The request was for participants in what’s being called the Lexington Tattoo Project, and nearly 250 people stepped up as volunteers within a week of the Facebook post. English teacher Mrs. Wendy Turner, was a participant and had the words, “on a Saturday” tattooed onto the side of her right foot.

Several students at Dunbar commented about the unique art project, and whether or not they would have participated.

Ms. Corbin Little, Ms. Lori Wells sub, also participated in this project. She got the word, “the” tattooed on her arm, right above her elbow.

“I thought [this project] was really interesting. The idea of turning the printed word on its head and creating a living piece of work leaves a lasting mark on people,” said Ms. Little.

The Lexington Tattoo Project will culminate with all the volunteers gathering together to have their tattoos photographed and put together in a video that animates the poem.

The words aren’t the only part of the tattoo however, each tattoo design is accompanied by several dots arranged in specific places. The purpose and meaning of these dots are still unknown, but undoubtedly they will contribute to the collage in an artistic way.

The participants have discussed the project on the Facebook page, and STORY magazine will also be following this project and covering its story.

The opinions of Dunbar students about this project varied. “I think it is cool,” said senior Neena Phan, “but I probably wouldn’t have participated.” She explained that if she got a tattoo, it would be something specifically personal to her.

However, other students indicated that they think it’s a tattoo that they wouldn’t mind getting because it’s meaningful to their city.

“Tattoos are a beautiful form of artistic expression” said sophomore Morgan Tallio, who added that she would probably decide to participate if she was old enough.

Sophomore Katie Nicole Craft shared Tallio’s view, and praised the Lexington Tattoo Project by saying “I think it is a positive way to show our love for our wonderful city.

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