Learning a New Hobby During the COVID-19 Quarantine

Here are some ways to avoid constant boredom while we’re stuck at home in these difficult times.

There are only so many shows and movies to binge-watch before you get bored, so why not try something new?

With everyone working and doing schoolwork from home since quarantine began in mid-March, there is plenty of time to learn a new hobby. 


Spring is here, and what better time to pick up a green thumb? Even if you don’t have a yard large enough for gardening, you can always grow plants like cacti or succulents indoors. 


Sure, everyone is going on walks or runs during quarantine, but what about learning how to skateboard? It can boost confidence levels, and just getting outside can make life less boring during this time. 


Whether you’re a talented artist or not, it’s always fun to play around with a paintbrush. You could get your family involved by making portraits of each other, or have everyone paint a random object and see whose painting turns out the best. Regardless of your skill level, you could try following a Bob Ross episode. If you want to add some more color to your bedroom, you could paint random objects like your mirror, record player, or shelves.

Decorate Your Room

Rearranging your room or hanging things up can be very relaxing. Ordering some posters, old paintings, records or album covers can give your room a very edgy and vintage look. If you aren’t into vintage, you could order LED lights to follow the TikTok trend. Whatever style you’re into, you can fill your room with things that satisfy you. 

Make Some Jewelry

Making jewelry doesn’t require expensive materials. You can pick random objects, like worms on a string, keys, dice, or plastic babies, and turn them into earrings. A chain and a lock or some beads and string can make a perfect necklace.

Trying a New Style

Taking that old t-shirt and turning it into a tank top or altering those Goodwill jeans that are too big can give you a new sense of style. Playing around with different fashion trends can be interesting, especially if you can surprise your friends when you come back to school with an alternative look. You have plenty of time to scroll through social media and look at different clothes, so why not order some you like? You can even have a fashion show in your room. 

Hopefully, all this spare time can spark some creativity and help you find new activities you enjoy. New hobbies are not only fun but can also help ease anxiety and distract you from everything happening with the coronavirus.

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