The 2013 Poet Laureate is Jordyn Jacobs. Her poem is titled "Poem."

I have heard,

I have been told,

They call us

“The lost generation.”

But what I see,

I see more.

Behind scenes

Between lines

After painful outcries

And long nights


And happily ever after’s



We have only just begun

Here we are

Feeling like this is ending

Heartstrings bending

Sending familiar melodies; memories

To our friends.

Goodbyes and tears

Let’s stop

Let’s remember these years

Do you remember?

Those double doors

The noise



Well more like pounding hearts

Freshman year jitters

Is what I call them.


Moving through

Crowds upon crowds

Maneuvering masses

Finding the right shirt

The right classes




They have called us

Branded us

Tried to tame us

And frame us

To be

The lost generation

All the while giving scraps of fabric

Textile that we

So tediously sew

Because it’s true;

What you reap is what you sow

So let’s plant goals

That will grow

Miles high


We are the class of 2013

Do you know what that means?

We are capable of



Look at what you have done

You have made it through


For the wild child

The quiet kid

For the brainiac

For the sleepy head in the back

This right here,

This moment is for you.


And like constellations

Stars turning, burning

Always connected

Our lives have intersected- intertwined

Making a bigger picture

A masterpiece,

A beautiful mess.


The generation

tagged, bagged, and shipped off as


Yet here we all are


Forever bound,

but never hindered by

This small little string

You, me


Are the class of 2013.


– Jordyn Jacobs

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