May 16, 2021

Now more than ever because of online learning, students have the ability to become easily distracted from their schoolwork. Students’ distractibility is most of the time caused by the high usage of phones and social media, especially during the pandemic.

It could be as simple as a Snapchat notification prompting a student to get on their phone or a quick look on TikTok turning into endless scrolling. The second a student picks up their phone it becomes that much harder to get back on track with their schoolwork, no matter how important it is.

As social media becomes a greater distraction, students are often found in a hole of missing assignments they have dug themselves into. This can be hard for students to pull themselves out of as the workload builds. As the end of the school year is right around the corner, teachers are left with missing assignments in their gradebook and students who have put all the work off until the last minute.

While it seems to be uncommon for teenagers in this day and age, there are some people who choose to not have all forms of social media in order to avoid these problems. 

“I think I’m already a procrastinator and having all kinds of social media would only make it a lot worse and more difficult for me to get things done on time,” junior Caroline Devine said.

It is possible to find the middle ground between being completely addicted to social media and being able to keep important things like school in priority. Teenagers have to learn the skills and have the resources to balance time spent on social media with time spent on schoolwork.

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