Emily Hacker

Savanna Montgomery

Emily Hacker

Emily Hacker voted to have her voice heard and a say in who leads our country.

“As a democracy, we are not governed by just one person or higher powers but rather of the people, by the people, and for the people,” she said. “As the people, we have the ability to make a change no matter what anyone says.” 

Hacker describes her experience voting for the first time as “amazing.” She said she prepared herself by checking her polling locations, registration and most importantly educating herself. 

“Being able to wear the “I voted” sticker after actually being able to vote for the first time felt amazing because I was finally able to have a voice in our government,” Hacker said. 

Hacker voted early in person. She made this decision to avoid long lines on election day and the possibility of her ballot getting lost and not counted. 

She voted for the Democratic ticket in hopes that the next president-elect will fix problems made in the last four years. 

“I especially hope that they will address and help with the fight of racial injustice among our black and other people of color communities, minorities, and the LGBTQA+ communities,” she said.

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